Naturally Filtered Water

Our Water, Nature's Water

  • The solution for bottled water at festivals

  • Naturally enriched with minerals

  • Free of harmful environmental influences

  • Produced according to REVEL's Carbon Neutral Philosophy

Responsibly sourced, produced and packaged

We are all aware that plastics inability to decompose makes it the most unsustainable source of packaging. Indeed, this aspect of plastic is what directly threatens the survival of over 267 species. Unfortunately, plastic causes harm to our planet long before it ends up as trash in nature. Intensive use of fossil fuels is necessary to manufacture plastic bottles. The oil needed yearly to produce the plastic water bottles for music festivals in the Netherlands is equivalent to the Greenhouse gas emission of more than twenty thousand car trips from Amsterdam to Berlin.


By choosing for REVEL Water at festivals, we can offset a huge amount of carbon emission. Being sustainable has never been so easy!



REVEL water started its journey thousands of years ago in the form of raindrops. These drops flow through the forest floor is where the next leg of the journey takes place. The layers of earth perform as a 400-meter-deep filtration system. While makings its way towards the core of our planet, REVEL water goes through centuries of valuable mineralisation. This process ensures that our water is free of harmful substances polluting our planet and so incredibly pure and mineral rich.


To ensure the rare source used for REVEL Water does not become exhausted a responsible and sustainable removal quota is upheld. We only use half of the springs officially approved water volumes. By doing so we hope to ensure that what nature offers us from its deepest layers will be around for generations to come.


The paper content of the REVEL water package comes from managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® in conjunction with Tetra Pak. REVEL doesn’t have ownership over the forest we source from, nor are we in the business of making paper. So, to warrant honest forest practices, we have a thorough approach to sourcing that involves working with responsible business partners in the form of suppliers, NGOs and other stakeholders.

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