A Temporary Utopia

At the end of summer 2015, our founders were at a festival that blew their mind. The fairy tale location, great atmosphere and awesome music made for an unforgettable experience. A temporary utopia, where everyone was enjoying themselves and living in the moment. But once they arrived at the bar, the drinks that were served didn’t align with the idyllic vibe. The choice was restricted to water, beer or sugary drinks with loads of chemicals in plastic cups and bottles.

They couldn’t understand that in a time where there are leave-no-trace festivals and so many other sustainable initiatives in the music scene and beyond, the served beverages were still from a different era. That realisation was the spark that led to the creation of REVEL.

Our beverages are Best served with music® and that’s exactly the kind of setting we intend for them to be enjoyed in. By providing healthy, natural and sustainable beverages you no longer need to compromise on taste or health benefits. Our favourite festivals take place in nature. That’s why all our choices regarding the manufacturing of our products are made with our planet in mind.

The dictionary definition of ‘revel’ is the following: ‘To enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing.’ And that’s exactly what our company ethos is all about.