REVEL Carbon Neutral Philosophy 

Our vision is carbon neutral beverages, not just our beverages, but all beverages. We can’t do this without you. The more people choose sustainable alternatives the sooner we can REVEL-utionize in the entire beverage industry.

We, therefore, developed the REVEL Carbon Neutral Philosophy.




Our vision is to produce 100% carbon neutral beverages. We can’t do this without you. The more people choose sustainable alternatives the sooner we can revel-utionize in the entire beverage industry. By leading by example and show the world carbon neutral production of beverages is attainable for any and all companies.

CO2 Neutrality

We are taking full responsibility for our carbon footprint created by our operations. One of our biggest contribution to drastically reducing our CO2 emissions and environmental impact is by using a sustainable packing made from renewable materials. Mainly trees are used to produce our packing. You think how can this be a positive impact as there are fewer trees to absorb our carbon? For every tree used for our production, a new tree is planted. This creates a circle of life that greatly reduces our environmental impact. Also, we work together with bottling plants that use the most efficient machinery and have solid sustainability policies of their own.

For our transportation (unfortunately, there are no electric trucks for big cargo hauls, yet!) we partnered with a logistic partner who uses the newest and most efficient trucks. In the end, sustainability done right also reduces operational cost, think about fuel and water usage these companies save by these practices. 


Circular Economy

We are working closely with our partner Tetra Pak to introduce a 100% recyclable packaging to the REVEL portfolio. This new design replaces the plastic bottle cap with plant-based plastic resulting in a 100% recyclable product. However, until we launch the new packaging we are working together with local initiatives to turn our ‘trash’ into usable resources.  

Forest Stewardship Council

The paper content of the REVEL packages comes from managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Forests are vital for life on earth, for people and for business. One of the most effective methods of protecting forests comes from ensuring traceability through certification, protection and identification of paper and wood. At REVEL, we don’t have ownership over the forest we source from, nor are we in the business of making paper. So, to warrant honest forest practices, we have a thorough approach to sourcing that involves working with responsible business partners in the form of suppliers, NGOs and other stakeholders.

It is crucial to recognise the origin of the wood-based products, whether the wood is derived from known and legal sources and last but not least, the sustainability of that source. To that end, our materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® - a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC guarantees that the wood-based products purchased come from responsible healthy, forests, and strong communities.


The certification system operated by the Forest Stewardship Council is intended to help conserve the world’s forests by certifying responsible forest management (from the economic, environmental, and social viewpoints) and by awarding the FSC label to products resulting from such responsible forest management.